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1956 Triumph, Sept 1977

1956 Triumph with a young Eddie and his daughter, Brandy. Bike was built up from boxes of disassembled parts. This 650cc Tiger is commonly known as a pre-unit. The engine and transmission are not the integrated design or unit construction of later years.

The chain case that connects the two was broken in half due to a crash in its previous life. The case was carefully heli-arced back together and then remachined and finally ground and polished to what you see here.

In the as purchased condition every steel component was some degree of rust color. Pegs, shift and brake levers, brake parts and dozens of small parts and brackets had to be chrome plated.

Engine received big bore kit jugs and pistons. A set of factory Triumph "Q" cams were install. A twin carbed Bonneville head was tried but the single carb tiger head turned out to be the better setup. After this photo a Milkuni carb was added. Stock clutch was no longer up to the task so Barnet bits were added.

Bike had original Lucas magneto and Lucas DC generator. A brief rain shower often reduced the mighty motor to a single cylinder wheezer.

This photo was taken in September of 1977. The bike was sold in preparation for the birth of Ed's son in February of 1978. Wish I had it now.

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