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Riding with your friends can lead to all sorts of insane plans. Mark Barb recruited Eddie in this manner. As the plan progressed it was suggested that Anna Bugbee be recruited as a secret weapon and the team would compete in a coed category. Anna, being an exceptional female rider, it was reasoned would make up for the just average male riders on the team. Ajai Cadambi proved to be the final volunteer/victim of this madness. The team of "3 Old Phartz & A Chick" was born.

As it turns out the secret weapon theory was a bust. The team discovered on race day that two men and two women were required to compete in the coed category. Sometimes dumb luck is better than brilliant strategy. Such was the case for this team who ended their 24 hours in first place in the corporate category with 21 laps. Find out more about "The Twenty Four Hours of Rocky Hill" and also see the complete results on the Rocky Hill Ranch website. http://www.rockyhillranch.com/

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