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The Marquee read "Home Made Pies" in huge letters on the front of the Pine Country Restaurant in Williams, Arizona.  That was enough to send me scurrying inside.  We had just ridden another 500 miles to get here.  Eddie was ready.  The food was good but the pie was outstanding.  Desert lovers must visit this place that claims 45 varieties of homemade pie.  I had a Raspberry Cream pie and Anna had Blueberry.  Peanut Butter Chocolate was the signature flavor but I am partial to the fruit fillings.

The Raspberry Cream was the winner and gets my award for best pie in 6000 miles.  The filling was perfect and that cream had at least cream cheese, whipped cream, sour cream and a few other delectable whipped wonders.  It gets my "Number One Pie" for the trip designation. The Blueberry was exemplary also.

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