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The Shadow Of The Rockies is a dirt road, off road route that starts at the Texas border near El Paso and goes to the Wyoming boarder. My intent was to follow that route on my KLR, camp in forest areas and stay as remote as possible. The Lord showed me a different path. One week before I was to leave my friend, Todd Blair, fell off his bike in Vernal Utah and broke his leg. His wife flew up and brought him home but his bike was left in storage there. I was compelled to help him retrieve his bike. I had the time off and already planned to go in that direction.

Change of plan. I borrowed a motorcycle trailer. I would haul the KLR and go directly to Vernal to get Todd's bike. I would then make my way back south leaving the car and trailer in campgrounds while I did loops on the KLR. I loosely follow the Shadow Of The Rockies route and actually did about 70% of it. I did all of my riding on gravel roads, forest access roads and jeep trails. I camped out for twelve nights. I stayed in a room one place. I ate in a restaurant twice in the two weeks.



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