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There are moments in life when time suspends. The balance tilts and you are confronted with the edge...the edge between life and death. One must go to the edge occasionally to know if it really exist. God gave me this gift on this day. Praise God.

I recognized this was going to happen. It was probably about two seconds that I had to evaluate the options and take action. Compressed into that adrenalin charged moment were dozens of simultaneous decisions. My line disappeared. The looming drop now beckoned. Hitting this step without the proper angle of attack will put me down. The correct angle is not an option. Even that failure is better than the other certain option; a few hundred foot drop. Go now!

As I mentioned earlier I am having to progress with the engine revved high and use the momentum of speed. Control suffers. My clutch was so hot that it would not release. You see the dark spots circled by the red line. Those dark spots are the marks the knobs on my front tire left when it rejected the incorrect angle. The problem is not fully apparent from this view. Check the next two pictures for the complete story.

Note the front wheel is not even touching the ground. That gives a clue about the steepness. The rock surface that the bike rest against is the compound angle of the steep (vertical) and about 45 degrees up from the horizontal to the side.

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