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My camp in Purgatoire. As I eased the car and trailer the four miles back on a forest road to get here I saw a small black bear come quickly out on the road. It ran with me for a bit as if something were chasing it. I never saw anything else. When I set up my tent a camper from down the hill came by and offered the warning that a bear had been in some of the tents the night before. He said all the other tent campers had lit out that night. I thanked him for the warning and paid extra attention to my food handling and management that night. The bear did not wake me if he visited in the night.

The fellow that told me of the bear also invited me to share their camp fire for that evening. He and his wife were from San Antonio. They have been retired for a few years and make yearly pilgrimages to several mountain areas. They had a large fifth wheel trailer. We chatted till just after dark.

There was a mountain stream no more than two feet wide that flowed down just behind my tent. I left my drinks in the flow. It was icy cold when I returned that afternoon.

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