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It was a long day. I had covered 285 miles of gravel and dirt today. I got back into camp later than usual. I had decided to head home the next morning so I went ahead and put the bike on the trailer. I packed away the loose riding gear from the bike. Just as I began to idle down and think about cooking dinner the skies turned dark. Violent thunder and lighting began to fill the sky. I quickly grabbed what I needed and threw it all in the tent. I dined in this night. The wind blew hard, it hailed a bit and poured down heavy rain for a couple hours. It rained through the night.

I left my food stuff in the tent this night. Do bears forage in the rain?

The next day my road out of here was a muddy mess. My little car has about 4 inches of ground clearance. The trailer has one fender removed. By the grace of God I managed to get out of there. I used the momentum strategy on a couple of the ushy gushy deep spots. The car and the bikes were completely covered with the heavy red mud by the time I reached the asphalt. I had to stop at a car wash in the first town.

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