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Welcome to XYZZY the space formally known as Ed's World

XYZZY was a magic word originally found in the computer game Adventure (also known as ADVENT or Colossal Cave) from the mid seventies. It appears in many other games as a magic word, password or cheats. This discussion has nothing to do with any of those games.

Old school programmers and hackers commonly used XYZZY to represent an as-yet-unspecified term, value, process, function, destination or event and as a marker in program sources for known-incorrect or incomplete code.

Ah! There it is, Ed's World is as-yet-unspecified term, value, process, function, destination or event, known incorrect and incomplete. The domestic reorganization of Ed's World from a few years ago caused reevaluation of most known variables. Left, for a moment, was a matrix like surrealism, hence, the theme for this space.

Enter the unknown, the incorrect the incomplete. Enter XYZZY. The crash of a hard drive leaves the opportunity to clear the code bloat and start fresh, clean and uncluttered. There are always a few things you don't reinstall and some wonderful new things you implement. My step sister had this to say about that "Losing your mind occasionally is really not such a bad thing. Sometimes when you find it again it's in better shape than when you lost it." XYZZY could be the metasyntactic variables for finding it again in better shape. XYZZY the web space is the chronicles of this pilgrim's journey to redefinition. Like a beginning script tutorial XYZZY starts with something akin to "hello world" and proceeds forth from there. XYZZY is a genesis of this being that once was the king of Ed's World.

The brave new world, the XYZZY world, is back to basic. Included in this new code is an increased capacity for the simpler things in life. No code bloat is the imperative. XYZZY will define new appreciations for life, love, joy, art and beauty. XYZZY will acknowledge and honor God.  XYZZY will explore more thoroughly the human experience. XYZZY will go to the edge more often. XYZZY will stay in touch with being fully alive.

So, with that in mind, enjoy XYZZY without taking it too serious. You will find mostly photo journals of the things that make XYZZY interesting, fun and maybe even exciting. From time to time that may include friends and family. Occasionally something of a semi serious thought provoking nature may emerge but don't count on too much of that. You may even find some humor tucked in here or there.

This is mostly one sided but I would welcome interaction if you are so compelled. You can contact Eddie on the Feedback page.

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