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Marriage Manifesto

in no particular order:

·         We shall recognize and hold marriage as a sacred union into oneness of heart, mind, body, and soul before Almighty God according to His perfect design.

·         We declare that, together, we shall seek for the Holy Spirit of God to direct our paths and that our life and lifestyle will bring honor and glory to God as we endeavor to live out our shared faith before God and man.

·         Sharon will respect Ed as a man, her husband and her lover. Sharon will believe in Ed.

·         Ed will love and cherish Sharon meeting her needs by giving himself up for her, sacrificially, if need be.

·         Sharon will rely on Ed for strength, protection and leadership.

·         We shall have and demonstrate total trust in each other. We will not lie or deceive each other. We will be absolutely faithful to each other.

·         Our life will be fun together. Hilarious fun! We shall maintain a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves. Play and playfulness will be a priority.

·         We shall execute vibrant physical intimacy and the joys of great passion as we strive together to experience the mystical pleasures of our marital union, uninhibited, lost in the moment under God's perfect design.

·         We shall be emotionally and intellectually available and willing to be intimate in those capacities to the depth of our souls as well.

·         We shall be emotionally grounded and drama free.

·         We shall embrace the fullness of the path of life. We will, together, know great joy, great enthusiasms and great adventure even in the simple things in life. We will occasionally go to the edge. The edge is where the flame of life burns the brightest.

·         We shall grow old together with grace and dignity; accepting and nurturing each other as we encounter the gradual decline of our aging bodies. When this life ends we will bask in knowing that we truly lived life to its fullest.

·         We shall respect each other when we disagree and forgive each other if we error or fail.

·         The hard things in life will draw us closer and strengthen our resolve to the solidarity of this union.

·         Together, we will begin each new day believing that it has the potential to be better than the last.

·         We will be best friends.

·         Together we shall love and nurture our children doing what we can to promote their success in life.


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